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A leading West Bend provider for adults with developmental disabilities living in the residence of their choice.

Our residents choose from a variety of opportunities to maintain life skills including recreational activities, music, arts and community outings to strengthen and maintain both emotional and physical health. 

What is a “living arrangement”? It is where, how, and with whom you live.


As an adult, you probably make a lot of your own decisions. One of those decisions is the choice you can make about your living arrangement. When it comes to making that choice, you have many options from which to choose. You could choose to live:


  1. With your family.

  2. On your own, away from your family, with services and supports that help you — we call this option “Independent Living” or “Supported Living”.

  3. In a licensed Adult Family Home with other adults with developmental disabilities receiving the array of services you need.

  4. In a foster family setting.

Adults with developmental disabilities live in the residence of their choice – with their families, with friends, or alone. They engage in activities of their choice – work, volunteering, education, or socializing. They have meaningful relationships with friends ad co-workers. They are seen as valuable, contribution members of their communities.

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